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Historically, media owners have been unable to benchmark themselves and their vendor performance against the broader community. Until now.

Our DIAGNOSE tool captures data from your website and/or mobile app without requiring the implementation of yet another script or SDK. The tool ingests thousands of data points to provide you with valuable insights surrounding your website performance and adtech vendors stacks. It helps you answer a ton of burning questions and solve challenges that have been hindering your organisation for ages.

With DIAGNOSE, you can choose to fix one burning challenge, or an all-inclusive package to control crucial challenges within your ecosystems. DIAGNOSE addresses the three core challenges preventing your results-driven strategy:

performance, compliance and real-time.



A web-based interface with a suite of charts and graphs to help you identify the main drivers of latency and weight on your website or app.



A web-based interface to quickly identify GDPR compliance risks: non-approved vendors triggered via redirects and dropping cookies, vendors triggered before user consent.



A web-based interface that allows you to capture sessions in real-time and across chosen parameters (URL, browser, device, location etc.) to get fresh insights, troubleshoot errors and more.


Your website/app is delivering stable advertising revenue. But you worry that a sub-optimal user experience may degrade page views and loyalty in the long term and jeopardize future growth. But sacrificing short term revenue to find the right balance between advertising and user experience is not an option.


Our DIAGNOSE tool will highlight advertising

technology that is impacting website/app performance, user experience, not compliant with your GDPR processes or represents a potential data leakage risk.


We’ll help you assess the revenue impact of

removing or replacing that technology with

recommendations on what to replace it with.


Our tool will also help your teams identify quick wins to dramatically improve performance and revenue.

Our team of experts are also available to guide you through that process and fill in gaps within your team so you don’t have to hire costly resource.


A better performing website (faster, less heavy) will not only improve your SEO rankings (and therefore your page views), it will improve customer experience and therefore the length of time users stay on the site/app and the frequency of visit. This will in turn increase your ad revenues while ensuring your users stay loyal.

We know once you see our DIAGNOSE tool, the insights is uncovers, and how it can help your organisation -

you will be hooked.

Our insights are available as part of a 3 months trial.

Fancy more than three months? A monthly licence will give you access to our web-based dashboard with fresh data and the month on month evolution of your website/app performance. 

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