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​Whether you are engaging with RedBud on a three-month trial, or you are signing up to use our DIAGNOSE tool for the next 12 months, we can ensure you are driving efficiencies and growing revenue. 


A better performing website (faster, less heavy) will not only improve your SEO rankings - and therefore your page views - it will improve customer experience. This will in turn increase your ad revenues while ensuring your users stay loyal. Beyond a better performing site, our insight tool can also help you monitor compliance, data leakage risks, and manage discrepancy with the buy side. And so much more.

The DIAGNOSE Revenue Impact Calculator will help you assess what uplift you

can achieve with our actionable insights. Take a look:

*Based on the assumption that the DIAGNOSE report insights can help you reduce load time by 200ms with a 3 months trial and 500ms for a 12 months agreement.

Page Views and Bounce Rate estimates based on section.io research on impact of load time on page views, August 2017 and on on FT.com research by Matt Chadburn & Gadi Lahav in 2016.